7 Steps To Building The Perfect Marketing Strategy

In the digital era, when everyone is trying to market their services and products, there is a huge need for a robust effective marketing strategy that differs from others and helps you to reach the target audience.

You could target an audience from anywhere around the world, even the people who have not heard about your brand. But there are some tips and tricks that you need to know about marketing strategy. A marketing strategy would help in following ways.

  • You would be able to align your goals with team members.
  • Help to reach and fulfill your business goals.
  • Understand what your target audience needs and what they look for.

To build an effective marketing strategy for your business, there are 7 important steps that one need to follow.

  • Desgin a Marketing Plan
  • Build customer personas
  • Know your goals
  • Choose the best tools
  • Review your media
  • Review media campaigns and audit it.
  • Execute your strategy.

7 Steps To Developing A Marketing Strategy

Design a Marketing Plan.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Before you decide or use your marketing strategy, it is important that you plan it by giving insights to the team members, get their views and feedback for digital marketing strategy. This will help you to make marketing strategy more fruitful and drive results that you are looking forward too.

Build customer Personas

In this step, you need to define your audience in a brief way. For example if you are selling clothes, your persona could like following

Mrs Laura,  a stylish business class women is looking to fill here closet with some designer clothes at low price.

If you notice here, the persona as a lot of information about profession, job, interest and much more. This will help to build the core of your strategy.

Know your goals

You should define your marketing goal that aligns with your brand goals. Such as if you are event Management Company, and your goal is to do 300 events in year then your goal should be to reach at least 100 people who would be interested to collaborate with you. Some other goals could be related to brand awareness and lead generation.

Choose Appropriate tools

There are lot of tools available in the market that help you to automate the process, such as you can schedule the post that gets automatically published when you set the time at. Some of the famous tools are google analytics, hubspot marketing hub and much more.

Review your media strategy

You should decide what all tools you have and which platforms you will be using to market your products. This will help you to create strategy much faster.

Review Media campaigns and audit it

Perfect Marketing Strategy | Vovia

Once you have designed the strategy, you can focus on the media tools and marketing goals. If there are some changes needed you can impment them such as improving the blog CTA.

Execute marketing strategy

Once you have decided the marketing strategy, you can execute and wait for it to give you results.


If you follow these 7 steps, then you can easily get more customer base and generate leads. There are lot of SEO companies from which you can consult to implement the effective marketing strategy.

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